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2013 audi a4 oil consumption

2013 audi a4 oil consumption


Audi 2.0 TFSI Engine Oil Consumption – Correction

underside of valve cover before cleaning oil off. There looks to be a lot of oil, and residue crap where the arrows are pointing. along the side where the ...

... annoyed if it passes the test, for any manufacturer to expect a car with a 20k service interval to require upwards of 15 refills of oil is unacceptable

Audi oil consumption A3 A5 oil burning PCV breather system excess oil use fouled plugs

Wtf?? If AoA tries to cry "inconclusive results" after this then I have no idea what oil consumption means anymore lol

Audi Q5 2.0 TFSI Piston and conrod replacement for excessive oil consumption

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MMI Oil Level Indicator

B8 Audi S4 oil consumption rolling coal


audi oil consumption engine rebuild

In the Shop Ep 6 | Audi Oil Consumption Fix

... oil the A4's consume after the piston ring replacement? Since I was told by Audi that 1 quart per 1K miles was considered "normal" when I bought my car?

British Audi drivers battle for compensation over excessive oil consumption

Audi A6 C6: Oil Consumption Issues

Castrol EDGE Professional

Automakers say adding oil between scheduled changes is acceptable. It's not.

excessive oil consumption

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This car is MY 2013 built in April 2013. I thought we are past those oil consumption issues now?

Audi A4 1.8 TFSi Engine Oil Replacement

Those who have already paid out of pocket for oil consumption tests and repairs will get refunds ($1600 back for me!)

2011 A4 oil level

Do you drive a B8 Audi and constantly have the warning light coming on telling you your oil level is low?

Audi A4 Oil Change DIY (B8 Chassis // 2009-2016)

ECS 2.0T Dipstick

Audi TFSI engine

Audi high oil consumption. Audi A5 misfire spark plugs faulty engines pcv burning oil

Audi A5 2L turbo psfi oil consumption blow by gas failure engine rebuild

Audi A4 2009 2.0 tfsi Oil consumption part 1

BBC highlight Audi 2.0 TFSI oil usage 'issue'

Audi A5 tsfi oil consumption cracked faulty engine piston rings PCV system misfire using oil update

IMG_1421 IMG_1422


Remove the plug


we rebuild it with these

Audi admits there was a problem with some of the engines and has offered to fix

1.5mm Oil Control Rings

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Mr Beefnah's car has been parked outside the Audi dealership in Chelmsford, Essex, for

... Audi A4 2012 Fq ...

If your car requires frequent topping off of its oil due to excessive oil consumption, you might have recourse from the automaker.


2013 Audi A4 Sedan


excessive oil consumption ...

Mr Beefnah claims that Audi failed to resolve his long-running complaint about the engine

Manufacturer photo: 2013 Ford Edge

Maintenance Schedule

Burnt oil residue may build up on the exhaust tip.


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Used Audi A4 can be a ripper but there are some to steer clear of

Oil consumption?-f8f1d9df-2ff3-4ec2-b834-21ae2d0f36c3.jpeg

audi-a4-2013-1024-1f. Some owners have reported excessive oil consumption ...

2.0 TFSI Known Oil Consumption problem - 2015 ongoing thread (2009-2011 models)


underside of valve cover before cleaning oil off. There looks to be a lot of oil, and residue crap where the arrows are pointing. along the side where the ...

I just removed my old ones and gave them a good polish on my polisher, trust me they looked like they had just come off a diesel!!!! ...

[IMG] [/IMG]

Audi Oil Consumption

You may need to remove the 2 closest coils to get easier access to the PCV cap:

Most vehicle manufacturers consider one litre of oil used per 3000km to be acceptable. Photo

Is this the latest version of the PCV or is there a newer model that might fix my oil consumption issues?

A4 Avant: The wagon gets the same level of specification as the sedan

Car model - Audi a4 b8 2008 TFSI 1.8

excessive oil consumption

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2010 Audi A4 Avant, Image: OP

audi a4 b8 type 8k 2013 044 960x480 photo

Audi A4 B8: Information on the Oil Consumption Problem

Fast forward a bit more to after intake manifold removal:

volkswagen audi A4 2.0T quattro oil consumption burning low oil light CEL MIL engine best


As others have asked if people would post the invoice. Here is mine:

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An Audi assembly line in southern Germany. Newer cars aren't supposed to burn

Manufacturer photo: 2010 Honda Accord

Smoke can be a symptom of an oil leak.

The picture isn't great but the oil extends well past the 2nd mark on the dipstick.

Audi A4 Avant (2008–2015)

Audi A4 B8 (2008–2015)

2.0t TSI Audi Oil Consumption Issues

Audi a4 2013 2013 audi a4 1 8t s multitronic well looked after


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Fuel Pump Flange Leaking

Pre-Owned 2013 Audi A4 4dr Sedan Automatic quattro 2.0T Premium Plus