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Obiee analysis multiple subject areas

Obiee analysis multiple subject areas


Once the subject area is displayed you need to check the required subject area and that gets added to the the current subject area.

Pull columns from both the subject areas

Pull columns from both the subject areas

4.3.1 ...

Step2 ...

2 - Articles Related

4.1 - Against the first Subject Area

As you can see that the adding/removing of the subject area is based on the tick symbol in the check box. I have selected the second subject area to append ...

... multiple subject areas. And the result comes as anticipated. Good to use whenever such requirements comes into picture.

3.2 - Repository Design

Then we try to built the reports with the columns coming from multiple subject areas.

An example of adding subject areas to a single-result-set query

Creating an Analysis from Multiple Subject Areas in Oracle Fusion HCM Cloud

An example of the results of a single-result-set query

Posted ...

Step2 ...

An example of combining personal status change from the worker assignment subject area

Step3 ...

This will take you to the analysis criteria section. This section contains three sub sections, subject area, selected columns, and filters.

An example of the results of a multiple-result-set query

As a part of this example we would use the 'Workforce Management – Worker Assignment Real Time' subject area

... copy the Logical SQL results from the second prompt with a different subject area. For Example- SELECT "Time"."Per Name Half" FROM "Sample Targets Lite"

Now I am applying condition in section of “Analysis A” by clicking on Properties > Condition > Section Condition as below :

An example of combining personal status change from the person subject area

Year” column and the sales measure column on the Paint Exec subject area. Also add the is prompted clause filter on the year column.

In 11g, we have the option of selecting columns from multiple subject areas in the prompt, and I was using this to add same fields using icon below:

Next is to create a ODBC System DSN of type Oracle BI Server 1.

OBIEE 12 C Analysis Tutorial part5-Published Reporting Agent

How To Create Custom Subject Areas for Custom Objects that are Children or have Relationships

3SubAreas.jpg (139KB)

OBIEE Training - How to Create an OBIEE 11g Analysis

How To Create A Custom Subject Area For Simple Custom Objects

This is an example of a treemap in the new OBIEE version

Select the subject area which we are going to use to develop reports.


In this example we will fetch the following columns:

Step2 ...

How to Create an OBIEE 11g Analysis

Adding Interactivity to Analyses Using Oracle BI EE

In our example, all our subject areas come from a single BM. What if we have completely 2 different subject areas from 2 different Business Models?


Now, lets create a copy of the Paint Subject area and rename the Presentation Table of the Year column to something like “Periods New”.

Applying Filters and Conditional Formatting to an Analysis in Oracle Fusion HCM Cloud

Working with Selection Steps to Select and Group Data for Analyses in Oracle Fusion HCM Cloud

How to find database fields for an OBIEE report?

2 Subject Area


Step4: Click results and create Pivot view as compount Layout and save the analysis .

Here ...



In our case, add an alias to the Periods New presentation Table with same Presentation Table name of the column that was used in the prompt.

013 Subject Areas

Testing Automation of OBIEE Subject Areas

20 OBIEE 11g Answers - Criteria View Subject Area Folder Listing Listing of one or more subject areas Presentation Tables Attribute columns Hierarchical ...

Roadmap Planning for Oracle Business Intelligence (OBIEE) Transition for Information

Editing Views Using Oracle BI EE

Also, we would notice that we need to select the fields from the second subject area

OBIEE 12 C Analysis Tutorial part2-Format and more properties

5 - In a data warehousing environment



Thus we can combine two reports from different Subject areas by Combining the common attributes.

This the new search feature in the subject area.

Other ODBC-compliant query tools, such as Microsoft Excel, Cognos or Business Objects, can access these subject areas and run queries against them just as ...

model, or (better) one per logical fact table In 11gR1, analyses can

eg We have Customer,Employee, Revenue from Sales Analysis Subject Area and Customer,Employee, Activity Cost from Activity Analysis Subject Area, ...


Sales Cloud - Combining 2 Subject Areas

28 Sep OBIEE Security Dashboard

18 OBIEE 11g Catalog Page Object Listing Listing of all objects for selected folder, search, etc Shortcuts to common actions Optional preview of analysis


Pull ...

BI connector - Select Obiee subject areas under schema pull-down list in Tableau workbook


BI Connector | Cross-database join OBIEE Subject Area and CSV with Tableau

Incorrect data results due to a non-conforming dimension

... subject areas 3 | P a g e; 4.

READ-ONLY Web Catalog is secured by Fusion user security roles A Custom folder

Unify - An Insight Into the Product

Verify the results with OBIEE Know Your OBIEE; 31.

... 30. 1.


Subject Area ...

this: Next, you save the analysis so


SECTION 5 Creating New Ad-Hoc Reports via OBIEE Analysis Objects Introduction: In the

Usually you access this metadata model using Oracle BI Answers, which presents you with an initial choice of subject areas (databases in ODBC terminology) ...

You can see the Product dimension in the following screenshot:

... 18. ...

BI - Resv BOOK




Columns section.

Lets designate the T05 Per Name Year as the column that will be the master driving our detail views. Click properties for T05 Per Name Year.